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“Betz Method is, hands down, one of my favorite things about living in Williamsburg. It’s a no nonsense place – no mirrors, cardio equipment, etc. The same goes for the people: no egos, flexing, or competition. Everyone supports one another regardless of whether your level of jump training is leaping onto a 4-foot box, or hopping through a hoop on the floor. We are all here for results and Larry and Mike get that this means different things to different people. They will push you until you are flat on your back in a pool of sweat, but without sacrificing form or safety. Larry is obviously very passionate and dedicated to his craft. You will not regret the investment you put in here. I love my gym!”

-Cassie G., Brooklyn, NY

“I have been Training with Larry for the past nine months and I must say it is the most fun and effective training I have ever done.  From the ropes to the truck tire slam, Larry keeps the workouts interesting and challenging.  I am probably in the best shape of my life now!! Best money I have ever spent on training and well worth it. I also just started the boxing class which is an amazing cardio workout.”

-James D., Brooklyn, NY

“Larry and Mike are both amazing trainers and if you want knowledgeable coaches, hard classes and feeling great, Betz Method is the place gym.  For the past 6 months I have been taking classes at their Williamsburg gym and my whole body has changed.  I began taking classes with a knee injury and Larry knew what workouts and strengthening exercises to do to encourage healing.  Now, much better, I have drastically improved my level of fitness and lost weight. I am stronger and feel like I am still challenging myself 6 months later!  If you want to leave exhausted, sweaty and happy, theses classes can’t be beat!”

-Molly E., Brooklyn, NY

“As a Williamsburg small business owner, it’s HARD to find time to work out and just get away from the stress of it all. With Larry, I’ve been able to establish a routine based on his flexibility with my schedule, his personability and professionalism, which makes me
want to continue to train.”

-Michael LeFort, Mammalfish, Inc., Williamsburg, NY

“I really can’t say enough about the wealth of advice and knowledge that Larry brings to the table as a trainer. He is a “complete picture” kind of trainer. Not just innovative and exciting alternative workout methods (kettle bells, battle ropes, resistance bands and weight sleds to name a few) but volumes of helpful information about diet, daily routines and sleep cycles. He is one of those trainers that continues to train, study and learn on his own and in the four years or so that I have worked out along side of him, he has always had something new he just learned or got certified in to add to his clients’ programs. I believe very strongly that he could literally transform ANYONE in ANY SHAPE so long as they are willing to truly commit to his training programs. There’s not a lot of trainers out there you can say that about.”

-Jasmin C.

“Larry has trained me for many stair climb races in the US. As a nationally ranked runner, U.S. pole vaulter and national class steeplechaser, I have been trained by some of the best coaches in the country. Larry is one of the top, elite coaches I have had and he helped me prepare to succeed. I am ranked forth in the nation after only training with him for 6 months. He is definitely the most dedicated and focused coach I have ever had and I HIGHLY recommend him. I look forward to training with him again in the future.”

-Lorelei Black, competitive athlete

Betz Method Personal Training

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