What Supplements Are Right For Me?

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Many of our clients ask what supplements we recommend.  I am certified through Charles Poliquin to work with clients dealing with some health issues and find that these supplements are high quality & extremely beneficial. Over the years, I have taken several nutritional counseling courses and studied under many different people. This has given me a wide range of knowledge and options when working with clients.

If you are looking for exact dosage and times to take your supplements (yes it does matter), that is too much detail to go into here but I am available for in-depth nutritional counseling. Also, unless you do a LEAP/MRT  we’re just guessing at what you are deficient in (you can find info on a Full Range Lab Testing Package here: http://us.cpoliquin.com/product_p/lab2us_fullrange.htm). This lab work tells us everything like food allergies and any toxic levels of chemicals in your blood. I do have an account and I can send you to a lab in Connecticut to do this if you are interested (NY doesn’t allow it yet).

Here are links to the Poliquin supplements I recommend most:

Daily Recommendations: Multi-vitamin, fish oil, greens, reds, D3





PRE-WORKOUT: This can vary depending on your goals (ie: weight loss, gain mass, gain strength). These two work well for me.



POST-WORKOUT: Simple for a 200lb man 50 grams of grape juice 50 grams of whey protein



JOINT PAIN: I have used all 3 of these with great results.



SLEEP: I have used these as well, with great results.




DETOX: This can be a tricky one. You would need to work one on one with me to determine what is best. We prefer a Detox rather than a cleanse. The Master cleanse can be very difficult for people and you will lose muscle as well. Our goal with a detox is to keep muscle on your body!

I am available for nutritional counseling for those of you who feel you need more information than what we have above.

Larry Betz, CSCS

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