Health Club Etiquette 101

Betz Method Strength & Conditioning Center: Essential Etiquette

Most gyms and health clubs have rules that they ask patrons to follow, and they’re often posted in visible areas so they’re easy to remember. Gym rules are put in place to remind people to be polite and considerate of other gym members, and for general health & sanitation purposes.

There are some rules that you’ll find at most gyms, and general ways to be considerate when you’re working out with others at the gym:

  • Be safe: Because our training system is very dynamic, always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that when you are jumping, kettlebell swinging, jumping rope, etc. you have enough space around you so you do not hurt yourself or someone else. Always think of the worst & then prepare for it.
  • Your appearance: Some gyms & health clubs may have rules about certain apparel; for instance, women may not be allowed to workout in only a sports bra without a shirt over it and men may not be allowed to go topless. Also, be sure to wear proper footwear and always wear socks to help absorb sweat & odor. Make sure that you’re dressed appropriately & safely for your workout.
  • Your hygiene: Be considerate of those around you & be sure to wear a fresh, clean workout uniform & put on deodorant before you workout. Do not, however, load up on heavy perfumes or colognes—some scents can be offensive or distracting to others & may cause problems for those with asthma or allergies.
  • Take turns: Always “work in”. Someone may be waiting to use a piece of equipment or some people may have an order in which they do their workout routine. Before you use a piece of equipment, it’s polite to check with people standing around to make sure they weren’t planning on using that machine next.
  • Your mom doesn’t work here: Clean up after yourself! If you’ve sweated all over a machine, wipe it down with a towel or sanitary wipes if the gym offers them for cleaning machines. Wipe down the handles, the seat, the back—anything that you’ve touched, particularly if it’s gotten sweaty. Also be sure to throw away any empty bottles &/or cups you may have used during your workout.
  • Put away workout equipment: When you’ve finished using equipment such as dumbbells, sandbags, kettlebells & mats, put them back where they belong so others can fins them easily.
  • Leave your cell phone at home: You go to the gym to workout, relieve stress & relax, right? So do all the other people there; they didn’t come to listen to your phone conversation. So keep the cell phone turned off & stowed away & save the conversations until you’ve walked out the door.

Pay promptly: You will be sent an invoice when you have 2 sessions remaining on your training or class package. Please pay promptly or contact us to make arrangements.

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