Betz Method Becomes Brooklyn Athletic Club!

Hey, Neighbors!  First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. This will be our blog to keep you up to date on the progress… Read more

Our Williamsburg Gym is Coming Up on 2 years in this Space!

This week many of us will be spending time with friends and family celebrating Passover and Easter. Please enjoy this time with loved ones.It’s hard to believe that our Williamsburg… Read more

Your 1st Unveiling of 2013! (plus, class changes at the gym)

OK, so 9 Mondays have passed in the New Year. How is it going? Have you stuck to an exercise program? Are you eating better? I hope so! This is… Read more

The 30 Worst Toxic Ingredients & Pollutants

TOXIC TERRORS: The 30 Worst Toxic Ingredients & Pollutants Taken from TOXIN WHERE USED WHAT IT DOES HEALTH HAZARD Acesulfame K Food products and carbonated drinks Artificial sweetener Possible… Read more


Keep it simple! Nutrition in 108 words: Eat real, unprocessed food as close to nature as possible; listen to your body. Pretend the modern supermarket doesn’t exist. Choose foods that… Read more

The New Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods to Eat Organic

I found this article extremely helpful in determining which foods you really should buy organic & which ones you could scrimp & save on if necessary.  –Larry Betz, CSCS The… Read more

24 Hour Liver Flush

I got this detox from a friend in Chicago. My girlfriend & I are getting gutsy & trying it out this weekend! Thoughts, experiences & modifications to follow! 24 Hour… Read more

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Calories

  The topic of counting calories came up in a class here yesterday & it’s one that many people are constantly concerned with as well as unclear on. It’s always… Read more

Health Club Etiquette 101

Betz Method Strength & Conditioning Center: Essential Etiquette Most gyms and health clubs have rules that they ask patrons to follow, and they’re often posted in visible areas so they’re… Read more

Training Programs for January’s Group Strength and Conditioning Sessions 2013

Coach Michael Camarra and myself just put the finishing touches on our training programs for January’s group strength and conditioning sessions. Each workout is well balanced and each week (microcycle)… Read more